“the future is unknown only because
it hasn`t been created yet."

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Unlock the power of AI-driven event microsites, quality content creation and viral marketing. Cutting-edge technologies help create and share stories and immersive experiences.  The possibilities are endless, the future is fantastic.

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Unlock the power of AI! Boost efficiency, personalize experiences, and drive innovation with our cutting-edge solutions. Transform data into insights, streamline workflows, and captivate your audience. Elevate your game with the limitless possibilities of AI. Let’s create a fantastic future together.“


The highly anticipated book by Kevin Schulzbus “MEEN BERLIN” is finally in production.
Together with “Remain Different”, the almost impossible reality has become.

Terabytes of photo data have been reviewed and 3 books are in preparation. The first is already in the starting blocks. We have completed the first round of crowdfunding and have the first partners on board.


Step into the world of “Klassenkampf”: a groundbreaking one-on-one beat ´em up video game that brings the class struggle to life! Choose your fighter from a diverse roster of characters, each representing a different social class. From the hardy bumps to the affluent billionaires.


The project aims to explore the intersection of: artificial intelligence and art, using a variety of mediums including traditional painting methods, collage techniques, and digital tools.

The first project’s centerpiece is an exhibition in Berlin, which aims to educate and entertain about the nature of human and computer intelligence with a series of interactive installations and artworks.


Wir sind eine kleine Taqueria im Herzen Berlins unweit der Eberswalder Strasse und des berühmten Mauerparks. Seit 2009 bieten wir traditionelles, hausgemachtes Mexikanisches Streetfood an. Unser Anspruch liegt in der geschmacklichen Vielfalt der Mexikanischen Küche und dies jedem Gast in einer bunten Atmosphäre zu servieren. Wir arbeiten ohne Reservierungen. Wer zuerst kommt, wird zuerst bedient. Somos granos de maiz de una misma mazorca! Danke für euren Besuch. 


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„An idea without a plan is just a wish.“

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