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We dont only want to impact „the market“. We want to be voice for the voiceless, support the people in need and make this world a better place. Here are some projects, we support. Be kind, be happy and healthy. You are loved.

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Let´s make red the color of love, not blood.

PROJECT RED is an initiative by DANNY DOOM.

The visual concept is shining a light on the devastation caused by war in Ukraine. By painting the damaged areas in a striking red hue visible from afar, the project aims to ensure that the scars of war are not forgotten. 

This bold color serves as a powerful symbol, emphasizing the magnitude of destruction caused by conflict.

Sadly, this project is now not only about the war in Ukraine. It is collecting links, of organisations that support civilians in active war zones.

If you want to help, or have links that offer contact for support get in touch with the relevant organisations or write us a short mail and we add it here. 

Let´s make red the color of love, instead of blood.

NGOs helping the Ukraine
relief effort:

Numerous nonprofits have mobilized to help the people of Ukraine since the start of the crisis in February 2022, which has created one of the largest displacement situations in the world today. More than 6 million people – mostly women and children – are refugees living abroad and over 5 million are displaced inside Ukraine.

The following are some WANGO-affiliated and verified nonprofits providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Included on the list are large international NGOs as well as local ones.

Israel-Hamas War:
Top-Rated Charities Providing Humanitarian Aid

CharityWatch announces a list of legitimate, efficient, and accountable charities involved in efforts to aid and assist the people of Israel – Palestine during active conflict in the region.


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